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IT and Computing education in Guyana

Guyana is a small country (size of UK) in the north of South America bordering Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname. However in many ways it associates itself with the Caribbean - for example, students take Caribbean GCSEs - called the CSEC.  In terms of computing in school, students can take the CSEC in IT and this… Continue reading IT and Computing education in Guyana

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Threshold concepts and non-cognitive dimensions of learning

At King's College London we are involved in research to better understand the teaching and learning of programming in school.  In particular, our research project about threshold concepts in programming has entered its second phase and Maria is now looking for students and teachers to take part in the next phase of her research. If… Continue reading Threshold concepts and non-cognitive dimensions of learning

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Threshold Concepts in Computer Programming

Phase 1: Threshold Concepts in Functions and Procedural Abstraction The first phase of our research was successfully completed. The purpose of this phase was to explore computing teachers’ perspectives on the Threshold Concept framework and to suggest potential threshold concepts in the area of Functions and, more generally, in Procedural Abstraction. A study was conducted,… Continue reading Threshold Concepts in Computer Programming