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Data science survey

Link to survey

I am conducting a survey to canvas the opinions of Computing teachers on whether/how aspects of data science might be relevant to the school curriculum.  This survey is primarily for secondary teachers but open to all. The purpose is to feed into a cross-European discussion on data science in the curriculum. It is not part of a research project and all responses will be completely anonymous. The survey will close on 24th October.

Data science has become very popular in recent years as technological developments have increased the amount of data that can be stored and analysed. Data science is an interdisciplinary field and draws on computer science, mathematics and statistics. It uses algorithms and algorithmic techniques to gain insights from large amounts of data. Machine learning can be seen as a subset of data science and uses algorithms that are trained on a data set to make predictions; computers can learn without being explicitly programmed. There are many new jobs available in these fields and the skillsets, at various levels of technical knowledge, are used by people working in finance, economics, science, engineering and many other fields.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Sue Sentance, King’s College London.



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