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Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education (WiPSCE)

In November 2015, King’s College London were proud to host the 10th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education (WiPSCE), an international conference dedicated to sharing and publishing original research in the area of computer science education in schools.

WiPSCE aims at improving the exchange of research and practice relevant to teaching and learning in primary and secondary computing education, teacher training, and related research.23300277006_64e8ba3596_z

WiPSCE has its roots in a long-running workshop of the German computing education community and is run in cooperation with ACM SIGCSE. Accepted papers were published in the WiPSCE 2016 proceedings as part of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series.

We were lucky to have the inspiring environment of the Great Hall on the Strand Campus and our many international delegates enjoyed being in such a central location in London. At the end of the conference, a trip was arranged to visit the new Ada Lovelace exhibition and the Information Age gallery at the Science Museum.

For photos see our F23300395526_648dea951a_zlikr page. For the proceedings see the ACM Digital Library. For a selection of presentations go to the WiPSCE web pages.

Next year’s WiPSCE conference will be held at Munster in Germany, on October 13-15 2016.23300361616_02802457cd_z


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